About Us

Our mission at Gimmie Gimmie is to make golf more fun, accessible and bring people together through golf to ultimately grow the game. One way we can help do that is to provide more options for golfers on and off the course.

No two golfer's game is the same. Lay up or go for it, natural draw or frustrating slice, bombs off the tee or wedge wizard. We’re all different, so why turn up to the course dressed like every other golfer?

Express your game every time you tee one up.


Founded by husband and wife Stephen and Erica Malbon, Malbon is a lifestyle brand inspired by golf. The LA based brand has a huge following not just amongst golfers but creatives, skateboarders, musicians and sports stars.

Fans of the brand include Eric Koston, Andre Iguodala and Schoolboy Q. Not bad company to keep.


Uther (pronounced other), is the original high fashion golf towel. They started in 2016 with a simple observation, there’s no way to truly customise your golf bag.

Uther represents the brand’s core belief to be unique. Uther leads, other’s follow.


Asher started in 2009 with a desire to provide the golf world with something it lacked - high quality golf gloves with a little added flavour and style.

Asher have a simple view on the game of golf. Look good, feel good and play better.


Solo Golf takes inspiration from classic menswear and blends it with modern style to bridge the gap between golf-wear and menswear.

Founded by Dan and Tessa Sullivan, their Core Hooded Vest has become a staple of the independent lifestyle golf movement.

Radda Golf

We are more than athletes, more than the game we play.

Radda represent the aesthetic and diverse interests of the modern golfer — health, wellness, indulgence, pop-culture and sport.

Dress like yourself, represent your love for the game without sacrifice.

Birds of Condor

Coming from a surfing and music background the question that set Birds of Condor's tone was, what is the equivalent of a perfect tube? What is that addictive element that connects everyone in golf other than some beers and an afternoon walk with your buddies?

They soon realised that it was all about the birds!! Those dreamy moments and flush shots that set up a Birdie, Eagle or Albatross, all under the great shadow of Condor - the Triple Eagle.